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Email List / Newsletter maintains an email list that is used to send periodic emails to subscribers that may contain pictures, details, events and specials from and its advertising partners. To subscribe to the list one must voluntarily sign up (Opt In) through the email sign up or the feedback form. advertising partners are holiday service providers who are already visibly present and advertising on and wish to provide their  products, service specials and offerings to the email list subscribers designed to help with their Banff holiday planning and reservations. The email may also contain facts, pictures and interesting details about Banff and surrounding areas of lake Louise and Jasper.

Subscribing to the email list is completely voluntary, and users may be removed from the list at any time by clicking on the Unsubscribe link found at the bottom of every email that you receive. You can also unsubscribe by emailing directly at . uses a third party email service who adheres to a strict ANTI SPAM policy as well as the most up to date legal requirements for group emails and sending policies. has made every effort to comply and operate in accordance with CASL (Canadian Anti Spam Legislation). Advertising Partners, and Banff Area information, includes the three regions of Banff National Park, Lake Louise and Jasper National Park. Our ‘Area’ is, and ‘Partners’ offer services in and close to, Banff, Lake Louise and Jasper.

Opting in to “Both” means you will receive “Ad Partner Deals & Specials” and “Area Updates”.

The email list is never sold, rented or given out to anyone.  It belongs to, and is solely used by for the purposes stated above.

Please see below for details regarding how this information is stored.

Outbound Links contains outbound links to other sites owned by other people and businesses. is not responsible for the content, services or results of clicking and viewing those websites. does their best to see that these outbound link sites lead to useful holiday planning information for our viewers.  If you find they don’t, please bring it to our attention immediately.

Feedback Form (previous site version) invites feedback from visitors and customers by providing a feedback form. This form provides options to provide First Name, Last Name, City, email address, comments, permission to use comments and an option to subscribe to the email list.

The name and city simply provides with an idea of who is sending the message and where they are from, but these are not mandatory to use the form. The email address is collected so that may reply to the inquiry. Comments are reviewed by and replied to where applicable and if permission was given to use the comments then they may be added to the site in an appropriate location for others to benefit from.

If you provide a physical mailing address and request to have paper brochures and materials sent to you, your email and details may be forwarded to one of our advertising partners who will use those details to send you the requested materials. In these cases your information will also be handled according to that partner’s privacy policy which may not be the same as that of

Hotel Reservations acts as an agent for the hotels that provide rooms for booking on this website. Bookings are made through with the hotel at the rates that the hotel has provided. Confirmations will be provided by on behalf of the hotel and all charges and payments will be handled by the hotel.

In the case where no tax has been provided in the final room rate, there may be applicable taxes which were not included in the rates shown on the website. Final pricing and cost in this situation will be confirmed by the hotel.

Postcards (previous site version) has a postcard feature that can be used to send postcards to other recipients. In order to do so you are asked for the name and email of both the sender and the recipient. This is so you can create a personalized message for your recipient. This information is stored on the webserver for 10 days or until the postcard is picked up by the recipient. At either time the information is then deleted from the server.

Information Storage
Personal information is stored securely physically in a protected paper file (where appropriate) at the incorporated place of business, on a computer protected from the internet by a firewall / router at the place of business or password protected if mobile, on portable storage drives .is available to only authorized employees or contracted agents of for the purpose of the original reason for having been collected and web hosting service includes the collection of log files which provide statistics regarding activity on a website. This is very common and typically provides the number of files served, unique visitors, pages views, browser types and referrals. When a user comes to a website they have a unique IP (Internet Protocal) address, and this address is also collected, but it is not used in any way to identify the user personally. Except for legal purposes, this IP address will be used only for seeing what country a user is from, what pages on were viewed, whether they are repeat visitors to the website and the general activity on the site during their session.

Personal information will be disclosed to legal authorities for legal purposes. strives to provide every customer and site visitor with the best service possible which includes maintaining the privacy and confidentiality of all information at all times that is provided. This information is only collected as it is willingly provided by the visitor or customer, or where otherwise described here, and is only used and/or disclosed for the purpose of which it was collected.

All visitors and customers have access to their personal information at any time and may update their details or check them by contacting at email . If there are any questions regarding this policy please contact at any time.