Banff Tubing

Family fun with Tubing at Mt. Norquay!

Jump on an inflatable snow tube and hold on tight as you slide, spin and speed across the snow at the popular Mt. Norquay Tube Park.

Just five minutes from the town of Banff, Mt. Norquay’s Tube Park offers fresh mountain air, legendary views and an easy adrenalin rush!

With 8 lanes of high-speed fun, their Tube Park is the largest in Alberta. They supply the tubes, and their purpose-built magic carpet towing system pulls you to the top of their specially groomed tubing lanes, so there’s no need to walk uphill after each ride.

Perfectly tuned for your family & friends.

  • 8 lanes to glide or spin down
  • Friendly staff to help you out
  • Walk or ride back to the top
  • Small play area for kids!

Tubing is suitable for all ages, including children aged 4 and over (or 42 inches tall). The Snow Tube Park also includes a small sliding area, and a kids’ play area. So there’s even more for your little ones to explore.

And the thrills don’t stop when the sun goes down! This season, the Snow Tube Park opens on Fridays nights starting December 2018, and Fridays and Saturdays starting from January 2019.

For Full Details and Pricing Visit Mt. Norquay Online Here!