What is Banff known for?

What is Banff known for?

Banff is known for being Canada’s First National Park. It was established during the early days of building the trans Canada railway.

It is also known as a popular international tourist destination. Popular and famous for its’ spectacular rugged mountain scenery, Banff provides a one of a kind experience for hikers, climbers, bikers, skiers and all outdoor enthusiasts at every level.

Summer is the most popular season, followed by Winter then Fall and Spring.

Animals are highly protected in Banff and are often seen when visiting Banff (please keep a safe distance).

Banff provides a landmark experience that despite such grand National diversity, could very well define Canada.

What is Banff known for?

New Summit Chair at Lake Louise (VIDEO) – A Really Good Look!

Here is a great look at the new Summit Chair at Lake Louise!

Video courtesy of the Calgary Herald. Read their full article here!
Ski Big 3

Skiing SkiBig3 and Covid-19: What To Expect This Season

Skiing SkiBig3 and Covid-19: What to Expect This Season

Ski Big 3 and Covid-19: What To Expect

Ski Big 3 and Covid-19: What To Expect

We’ve just heard from SkiBig3 that opening dates are planned for early November. This is exciting news, but the focus on safety will be utmost and we can expect a few things to be a little different this year.

SkiBig3 has put together a list of things we should prepare for. One of the items that stood out to us is being open to new changes put into place within short periods of time.

There are many unknowns and with preparation, cooperation and remembering that things can change quickly we can all look forward to sliding again soon!

Visit SkiBig3 for the full article and list. It is well worth the read and got us excited about the ski season that is quickly on the way!